Ambassadors are players with a rank that allows them to join a second faction group and both contribute to the conversation there and participate in faction-specific challenges for that faction.

Ambassador Rank Edit

"An ambassador’s main privilege is to join a second faction group as a diplomat, friend or watchdog. This means that ambassadors can share and steal “secrets,” pass messages between groups, see what different factions think of each other or simply hang out with a second cool crowd. It also conveniently stops any factions from getting too caught up in isolated plotting and reminds them that the people in other factions are human, too. Once you have the rank, you can ask for an invitation to another faction group in the main group, but you must give thirty days' notice before changing your ambassador status from one faction to another to prevent any one faction from scoping out all the others by sending one ambassador around for quick looks."

Requirements: Collaboration with a member of another faction for a UC. This collaboration may be a crossover, a joint effort on a build, writing each other's stories or anything of the like.

Level: 1 (One previous rank, Artificer, is required)

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