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The Town of Exilseat

Exileseat was created as a refuge for outlaws, the poor, or anyone in trouble. The town accepts anyone who can serve a purpose. The town is located on an island in the Sea of Division. It lies almost directly in the middle of the sea, in between Mythron and Rainos. Exileseat was founded by The Masked. A few weeks before his switch from Rainos to Enalica.

History Edit

Capture of Exileseat

Rainosians use the tunnel system to sneak under the walls of Exileseat

In 5 AU, Exileseat is founded by The Masked. At this point, it is part of Rainos.

In the fall of 5 AU, Exileseat is seeded to Enalica, in correspondence with its founder's switch from Rainos to Enalica. It is attacked simultaneously by Mythron and Rainos, both wishing to gain the island for themselves because of its strategic location. Both sides are beaten, and Exileseat remains part of Enalica.

Exileseat remains relatively calm until Spring of 7 AU, when Rainos sets in motion a complicated plan to take back Exileseat. Through several assassinations and a raiding party that uses the tunnel network to reach the island, Exileseat is captured and is once again part of Rainos.

The Library of Exileseat Edit

Exileseat library

The martial library of Exileseat

Exileseat is home to the Martial Library of Exileseat, which is run by the Order of the Crown, Rainosians who dress in blue, hide their faces and never speak to outsiders.