Guaire Street

Rainosians stop in Guaire to prepare for a mass-invasion of a tunnel between Rainos and Mythron

Guaire is the largest, wealthiest and most civilized city-state in Rainos. It was the first capital of the Mythronian holdings in Rainos and continued on as the economic center of the island even after the Battle of Unbinding. In addition, its mighty walls and easterly location would make it the first line of defense should a Mythronian army succeed in landing in Rainos.

Guaire hosted the 2nd annual Tourney.


Guaire existed as a trading post on its namesake river long before the Mythronian occupation. However, under two centuries of imperial rule, great walls laced with blood-red stone rose to protect it (hence the title of "the Crimson City") and busy shops filled the space between. The events that led to its fall in the War of Rainosian Independence have not yet been disclosed, but it did come into play during the Truce of Justice. The city was later deeded to the great Rainosian hero, Rego Arian (Toa Infernum). Most recently, Guaire's citizens made preparations to host the Tourney and its competitors for the year.
Guaire Watchtowers

The walls of Guaire are veined with red stone, resembling splashes of blood - is it a result of available resources or psychological warfare?

The Guaire Diamond PlotEdit

This was a scheme by King Bartok of Rainos to trick his enemies through the use fo fake diamonds. For more information, see The Guaire Diamond Plot.

Builds set in GuaireEdit

In the Sewers of Guaire By JP Creations

Wandering the streets of Guaire By Julia LeeP

Party in Guaire By Halhi 141

The Gates of Guaire By Professor B.

Welcome to Guaire By Ben Ehre

Under the City By Infernum Mythron-Bane

Feast in Guaire By Nathan Pownell

Brotherband By Graeme Straughn

A Skeletal Terrorist By Infernum Mythron-Bane

The Crimson City By Infernum Mythron-Bane

The Silver Star Inn By Professor B.

The Slums of Guaire By Graham Gidman

Rego Arian By Infernum Mythron-Bane

UC - The Owl Tavern By Julia LeeP

UC - Midnight Raid By City Creator

The Royal Blacksmith By City Creator

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