The city of Hadran in Rainos was once a small viliage, but the arrival of the Dragons has rejuvenated the city. Now it is Rainos's second biggest, richest and frequently visited settlement, second only to the crimson city of Guaire. Many islands also exsist in the Inlet of Hadran.


Hadran has never been a leading city. It has always been comprised of a large Rainosian village with crumbled stone walls, with wooden stockades built over the ruins. Few stone buildings remained intact before the arrival of the Dragon army.

Fortifications have been erected by the Dragons. Hadran's border is firmly secured by a stone wall with many towers guarding it. Hadran contains a small inlet a short distance away from the sea, so some ships and other naval vessals come and go.


Hadran was originally ruled by barbarien chieftains, then ruled breifly by Troytanians. Currently, Lukas Spine jr. controls Hadran as both duke and Archdruid.

Druid's College Edit

Hadran has its own home for magic: The Druid's College of Hadran. The college is located on an island in the inlet; one of many. On the island is the home of the druids and the place where druids practice and discover magic.

Builds that feature Hadran Edit

MBC - Command Tower of Hadran By Asad

The Dungeons of Hadran By Asad

Revenge at Hadran By Asad

Coronation By Asad

Recovering By Asad

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