An Iber.

The Ibers are a Rainosian clan, based in southern Rainos and Santuario. They prefer to dress in green or sand-green clothes, and love collecting gold weapons and armor. This particular characteristic was supposedly a cause of the Rainosian Civil War.

Culture and Distribution Edit

During the years after the War of Unbinding, Ibers found their way all across the lands. Some fought with the Bulls, a friendly clan in the north of Rainos, even as soldiers and officers in their army. Others spread out across Santuario, mixing the cultures of Enalica and Rainos. They even had outposts in some parts of Mythron, the most notable of which was built in the ruined fortress of Falmore. Despite their distribution, many Ibers retained certain traditional or, according to some, "primitive" ways of life: although they have similar taste in clothing, few of their soldiers are actually uniform or well-disciplined, and at least some Iber communities still divide occupations between the two genders. This has not stopped them from befriending other, more-progressive peoples: their close allies, the Bulls, try to be as modern as possible in many respects, and are organizational fanatics.

After the Rainosian Civil War, the Ibers found their territory greatly reduced when they, along with many Rainosians, were banished from Santuario.

Trivia Edit

- The Ibers were first introduced by Gilbert Despathens, one of Rainos' first super-active builders, in the LOM's second-ever monthly challenge.

- Iber minifigures are most commonly made using troll torsos from Fantasy Era Castle, with the hands and heads changed to show that they are human. Conquistador helmets and gold armor are also helpful.

- The Iber tribe is unusual because its members have been widely used as NPCs, but no Rainosians have actually adopted this tribe as their own.

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