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Lake in southern Invadir

Infordest is a city of Enalica, built on the island of Invadir. 


Invadir is warmer than Orfdor, although it is still colder than most of the Lands. Lakes and evergreen trees abound on the island. Infordest is built on the banks and over the water of a wide river, and is spread-out with few defensive structures.


Infordest's buildings are almost completely wooden, but are more Mythronian in style then those of Orfdor. Infordest was once a haven for raiding and piracy, and its previous governors did nothing to stop it, even contributing sometimes to the ruthless pillaging. Although recently it has undergone a purge of corruption as a new military leader rose to power.

Government Edit

Invadir was possibly the most corrupt of all the islands. Assassinations of governors were common, with leaders being cut down nearly as fast as they gained office, resulting in a constant rise and fall of tyranny. But after the death of Arvon, the last governor, a woman who referred to herself as "the General" gathered her Golden Army and swept the island clean of its impurities. Now stable, Invadir is a militarized trading post, taking part in much of Enalica's interfactional trade. Afterward, following the General's rise to leader of Enalica, she left her trusted advisor in control of Invadir, a masked man who has a mysterious relation to Cazzmir Velmont.

MOCs set in Infordest Edit

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