Present DayEdit

Iremore, a city on the western coast of Rainos, is also the capital of the island. The city itself has not been revealed in MOCs, but King Bartok's castle of Iremons and the warriors' stopping place, the Black Knight Tavern, are major landmarks known to many. While no powerful clans closely affiliate with Iremore, the nearby Dark Valley area contracts its expert longbow-users as city and castle guards


The Black Knight Tavern

Mythronian EraEdit

Until the coming of Mythron, Iremore was a tiny, nameless fishing village that happened to occupy a strategically-valuable location. When the region was conquered, one of the High King's generals expanded and fortified the town before starting construction of Castle Iremons, a project that lasted from 207 to 180 B.B. The castle and town became an intimidating base of operations for the new ducal management, but its distance from Mythron ensured that it remained a backwater while Guaire became a center of trade and culture. However, Iremore remained the most important obstacle to the dozens of rebellions that took place between 207 B.B and the War of Independence, as the dukes and their armies were able to reach dissidents beyond the reach of the mainland and coordinate with regular troops to trap the worst uprisings between walls of steel to the east and the west.

War of IndependenceEdit

Iremore was the first city to abandon Mythron thanks to its connection with the leader of the rebellion, Bartok. In addition, Iremons was also the location where the leaders of the rebellion first conspired against the throne. Its garrison by that time was still recovering from the reign of terror, and it was primarily made up of local draftees and the soldiers that no one wanted in Mythron. Those who did not take up the cause of Rainos were allowed to go free, an action which Bartok later regretted as many of them joined with the High King's forces. Aside from repelling a minor raid and dealing with the cessation of trade, the city of Iremore remained relatively untouched by conflict from that point forward. Directly after the Battle of Unbinding, Iremore once more became the capital upon the coronation of Bartok as King of Rainos

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