Mammoths are massive elephantine creatures and one of the largest animals in Mythron. They are typically brown and hairy with a sloping back. Larger males can grow up to four long, curved tusks.


A juvenile Mammoth, shown by how thin it is and the absence of the second pair of tusks.

Nearing ExitinctionEdit

Mammoths become closer and closer to being wiped off the face of Mythron every single day. Their tusks are quite valuable, leading hunters to kill them simply to take the curved bone spikes and leave the body to rot. Hunting animals is no new activity in Mythron, but most will at least harvest everything they can from the carcass, like fur, bones, and meat. One Mammoth could supply enough food for a small villiage for a week! But instead, more and more Mammoths die everyday just for their tusks.