Isla Norte in summer

Isla Norte in summer.

Isla Norte in winter

Isla Norte in winter

Orfdor is built on the island of Isla Norte. It is the northernmost city in Enalica, and throughout the Lands of Mythron.


Isla Norte is a rocky, mountainous archipelago, rising out of the icy northern seas. Volcanos have shaped much of the forbidding landscape, and several active volcanos are still to be found. There are six main islands, as well as several minor ones.


Drfdor is by far the largest island. The capital city, Orfdor, is built near the south tip of the island. The Rus River flows throgh steep cliffs down the center of the island, before reaching the ocean near Orfdor.


This island is small and largely barren. However, migrating seabirds nesting are valuable prey for hunters.


Trisnoré lies to the southeast of Orfdor. It has several settlements along the coast.


This is the southernmost and most temperate of the islands here. It usually remains unsurrounded by ice during the winter, and is thickly forested with evergreens.


This island lies to the west of Drfdor, and is largely treeless. This island has the most geothermal activity.


Trolheimen has the highest mountains in Isla Norte, and is the least explored.The island is most often visited by hunters searching for big game, such as trolls, yetis, mammoths, or yaks. Besides, the settlement at the north tip of the island is commonly used as a base camp for expeditions into the Desolate North, far beyond known lands.


Orfdor is made of either wood or of tan-colored sod houses. Roofs are almost always sloped to shed snow, and fortifications are made of wooden stockades, whci are often reinforced by crushed stone fill material.


Isla Norte is ruled by a duke, who oversees a governing body of the leading noble families known as the Althing. The Althing usually serves in an advisory capacity, and has power to make decisions, but all final authority rests with the duke. Currently, Isla Norte is ruled by Thomas the trader (Thomas of Tortuga ).


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