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Forest in Pescado

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Forest in Pescado

Pescado is a small city of Enalica on the island of Mercado ruled by Joric Dragian.


Mercado's terrain is made of thick forests with heavy undergrowth. Many of the forests have never been logged so many secrets remain hidden in them. There are one or two volcanos situated in the mountain range to the south of Pescado, in which are also located a few goldmines. Off the coast in the Comereiantes Sea, there are small coral islands surrounded by large, brightly coloured coral reefs.

Climate Edit

Frequent thunderstorms add to the high humidity. Occasional hurricanes also frequent these shores.


Pescado is a major center of farming and cattle-raising, and also controls the rich Comereiantes Sea for fishing. Sugarcane and spice farms are common around most of the city. Since the fall of Santuario, the goldmines of Pescado have been one of the biggest producers of gold for Enalica.

Wildlife Edit

Wildlife is in abundance in the jungles around Pescado, as well as over the entire island of Mercado. Rumoured to have the only population of tigers in the Lands of Mythron, Pescado also has many plants with brightly-coloured flowers among short, leafy trees. Elephants are quite commonly used for heavy-lifting and other hard jobs. The Comereiantes Sea is full of abundant water-life.

Culture Edit

The people of Pescado are mainly explorers, settlers, and miners, not necessarily known for their intelligence. Pit hunting traps have been built on Mercado, and some human's have been able to achieve almost elf-like levels of agility through hunting in the thick trees. A banner of gold over white flies from Pescado's towers.

Myths Edit

Rumours have it that there are many shipwrecks littering the floor of the Comereiantes Sea. Also, there may be cannibals in the jungles...

MOCs set in MercadoEdit

LOM- Rustlin'

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