Darkbeard and Bartok

Lord Darkbeard (left) and King Bartok (right) discuss the Guaire Diamond Plot

When the nations of Mythron and Rainos set aside their differences in the June of 5 AB to crack down on the Outlaws, King Bartok devised a plan to humiliate his enemies and unite his countrymen. This formed the basis for several challenges in the Lands of Mythron durign the summer of 2013.


With the help of the court wizard, Lord Hector Darkbeard, and the loyal Dragon Clan, he spread rumors that invaluable blue diamonds had been discovered near the city. Thousands of these gemstones - in actuality enchanted pieces of glass - made it into the markets of Mythron, many greedy Outlaws rushing straight to the source to collect their goods. Some even went as far as the gates of the "diamond" mine (in fact a recently-opened iron mine) in their quest for riches.
Guaire "Diamond" Mine

Guaire "Diamond" Mine


Rather than catch the thieves in the act and rid Mythron of its scourge, Bartok intended to use the theft as a casus belli to unite his independent "subjects" under one banner. This led to a successful conquest of a tunnel network that Outlaws used to pass under the channel between Rainos and Mythron, but the victorious warriors soon lost interest in the cause and dispersed. With his plan in tatters, Bartok gave the order to remotely cancel the enchantments on the diamonds, revealing them to be nothing but colored glass. His secondary plot - to destroy the jewelry retail industry in Mythron and set off an economic chain reaction capable of bringing his enemy to its knees - did severe harm to the Outlaws' fences but spread no further than that. To top the disaster off, two crates of real diamonds disappeared during the scheme. 

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