Worsan is the capital of Enalica, and the current residing place of the General, Reia Loda. It is on the island of Cobierno.


North Worsan 1

Northern Cobierno

Freeling's South Cobierno

South Cobierno (By Freeling)

Located on the coast and built on the shores of a steep, bowl-shaped harbor, the city of Worsan is warm and humid. Although it occasionally snows on the island, most bad weather comes in the form of heavy rain. The north side of the island once had thick deciduous forests, but most of the trees have been logged for shipbuilding, leaving the north portion largely open and parklike.

The southern section, in contrast, is covered in lush jungle. Terrain here is largely unexplored wilderness, full of exotic beasts.


Because Worsan has expanded over the years, the architecture varies greatly. Near the docks, buildings are largely built of tan sandstone, while further up the cliffs, they are more likely to be brightly painted wooden buildings. 
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Worsan Harbor


Black Lotus Outpost in Worsan

The city has some shady black markets, and some citizens can be quiet and unfriendly. However, under the leadership of a previous governor, The Masked, and later, Reia Loda and her Golden Army, order has been mostly restored to the city. Lacking walls, the town's main defense is its new Golden Navy, warships that fill the ports as well as surround the island. Like most of Enalica, the economy functions off of trading, but Worsan also produces high-quality weapons and vessels for export.

MOCs set in Worsan

Most MOCs from the October 2013 UC Aftermath were set in Worsan, in an attempt to jumpstart Enalica's development. The mocs below are a selection that typifies Worsan.

UCA: Rallying Enalica

LOM- Removing Nottulg

LOM- Oct. UC- Worsan Harbor

LOM- The Worsan Courts

LOM- The Ship-Caves on the North Coast

LOM-UCA- Worsan

LOM UCA- The Rise of Chivalry

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